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Smart Garment System (SGS) = 100% Accurate Deliveries

At Phelps, our Smart Garment System (SGS) and Garment Repair App is a part of the laundering process. This process allows us to better track, launder and even sort garments. In others, SGS technology allows Phelps to ensure 100% accurate deliveries to our valued customers!


There is a ‘chip’ in each garment and allows tracking for individual customers. Without SGS companies need to scan and count by hand or do bar coding. Consequently, hand counting has a great deal of human error and multiple washings fade bar codes over time.

RFID is the newest technology and allows us to make sure we provide exactly the number of garments you need for every job. That is to say, with this technology we minimize ‘coming up short’ on shirts, towels, dust control, etc. In other words… 100% accurate deliveries.


1: Our Route Service Representatives pick your uniforms up. We then scan them into our system back at our facility. After that, we will place them into bags on our rail system to be transported to the wash.

2: Secondly, we load the garments into our state of the art commercial washers.

3: After completing the wash cycle, garments are unloaded, placed on hangers, and sent through the tunnel to be dried and pressed.

4: After that, all garments are inspected and repairs are made before garments go back out to the customer.

5: Before we send the garments back, we bundle them by customer and specific employee. Lastly, we scan all garments back out of our system with SGS to ensure 100% accurate deliveries back to the customer.


With our SGS and RFID tracking, you are able to easily manage and monitor your account through our online portal. For example, you can track garments, add or remove employees, size exchanges, transfer employees by department or location, see real-time employee usage, request uniform repairs, and message us directly with any questions.


Download the easy to use app to get your garments repairs fast and easy. This is quicker and easier than filling out a repair tags and attaching it to the garment. The Phelps Uniform Repair App also allows you to track your garments throughout the repair process and communicate with us directly. Ultimately, the garment repair app also contributes to us being able to better provide 100% Accurate Deliveries.

Learn more about our Smart Garment System and the Phelps Smart Garment Repair App


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