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Winter Trend Alert: What is a Shacket?

You may have heard this word before: Shacket. But what is a shacket? Just as its namesake suggests, a shacket is a perfect mix of an overshirt and a jacket that can be dressed up or down for a multitude of occasions, from a work meeting, to a quick trip to the grocery store, to a fun night out with friends.

All fashion trends tend to come back around at some point, and the shacket was probably inspired by 90’s flannels, but can come in all different sizes and fabrics. According to stylists from popular department store, Nordstrom, wear this trend out and about instead of a cardigan to modernize your outfit, or put on your shacket in the office for some added warmth.

Are “shackets” just a trend for women? of course not! In fact, versions of shackets and overshirts have been worn by many, from laborers, to celebrities, and many groups in between for several years!

Ask your Phelps Representative about our available shackets, overshirts, and shirt jacs, from a variety of brands such as Mercer+Mettle, Russell Outdoors, Carhartt and more for the winter months! As always, we’d love to showcase your brand and customize your garments with your design as well! Request a Quote today!


Winter Trend Alert: What is a Shacket?

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