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Smart Garment System

Phelps Smart Garment System is a major part of the laundering process. It allows us to better track, launder and even sort garments. This technology ensures 100% accurate deliveries of garments and products to our valued customers each delivery. Plus, with our Smart Garment Repair App, it’s easy to request repairs or check the status of your uniforms!

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How Does SGS Work?

A chip about the size of a dime is inserted into each garment. It allows Phelps to identify every item issued to our individual customers. RIFD identification chips possess a specific number assigned to them and should not be removed. The chip is scanned when the garment is brought back to Phelps to be washed. The chip is scanned again before leaving the Phelps processing facility.

Accuracy of Tracking

Before such technology was available, we had to hand count and rely on a bar coding system. Hand counts had a great deal of human error and if a garment had been washed multiple times then even bar codes had their problems.

Why it Matters to You

RFID is the newest technology and allows us to make sure we provide exactly the number of garments you need for every job. The days of coming up short on shirts, towels, dust control or some other items are gone. The chip is located in the waistband of all pants and in the tail of all shirts and will never interfere with the wearer. It’s harmless and uses the same technology as credit cards and employee ID badges.

Smart Garment Repair App

Phelps Uniform wants your uniforms looking their best. You can now download an easy to use IOS and android app to get your garment repairs fast and easy. This will be quicker and easier than filling out a yellow tag and attaching it to the garment, and will help us give you the best service!


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