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Uniform Services

Phelps Uniform Services is an independently owned service company that provides high-quality garments and textile rental service.

Uniform Services

Phelps is known throughout Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and beyond for its high-quality industrial garments and products. The company holds itself to the highest standards in the industry and offers an exhaustive inventory of uniforms, dust control items, towels, mats and janitorial supplies. This includes screen printing and promotional embroidery as needed. We can provide any item for any work environment in any climate throughout the nation.

The company’s founders built a reputation of excellence after decades of providing high-caliber service to each and every client. As a family-owned operation, we understand the importance of integrity and reliability and every client we serve is made to feel like a part of our family. Our standards of technology, communication and innovation and second to none, and our client base returns to us regularly as a result.

How Does It Work

At Phelps, the Uniform Specialists, we pride ourselves on being able to provide exactly what our customers need. The process begins with us discussing your specific needs with you, both in terms of products and timing. You might have an immediate need for uniforms, a monthly need for dust control or some other requirement. We gather the information and provide exactly the stock you need exactly when you need. Our team has been providing garments to customers for over 30 years, and our standing as the top in the business remains intact.

Smart Garment System

At Phelps, we offer something called SGS or “Smart Garment System.” The SGS is a part of the laundering process which allows us to better track, launder and even sort garments. This technology allows us to ensure 100% accurate deliveries to our valued customers.

How Does SGS Work?

A chip about the size of a dime is inserted into each garment and it allows Phelps to identify every item issued to our individual customers. RIFD identification chips possess a specific number assigned to them and should not be removed.

Accuracy of Tracking

Before such technology was available to us, we had to hand count or do bar coding. Hand counts had a great deal of human error and if a garment had been washed multiple times then even bar codes had their problems.

Why it Matters to You

RFID is the newest technology and allows us to make sure we provide exactly the number of garments you need for every job. The days of coming up short on shirts, towels, dust control or some other items are gone. The chip is located in the waistband of all pants and in the tail of all shirts and will never interfere with the wearer. It’s harmless and uses the same technology as credit cards and employee ID badges.

Get Started Now

Beginning the process requires two vital actions: researching what you need and reaching out to our professionals. Call us today and let us discuss your uniform and garment requirements as well as your budget. We can help craft a unique order that fits your finances and your work force perfectly.

Request Information

If you need help with products, an order, a service or just want to discuss our new offerings, call us today and let us provide you with a complete list. You can also view our stock on our website which was designed to make it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our goal is to meet every customer’s need as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we hope you’ll put that goal to the test.


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