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A Career in Needle and Thread

We love sharing what we do with others, and last week Phelps was excited to be able to show our facility to the sewing/clothing class from Columbus Community School District! Students were able to learn about how their skills can lead to different careers like sewing, embroidery, and repair!

Clothing our employees so that they look on-brand and professional is our bread and butter! This would be impossible with worn and ill-fitting uniforms. Enter our seamstress and repair teams! Our repair team has a combined career experience of 20+ years at Phelps! All operators have a full understanding of our high standard of quality and upgrade nearly 500 garments every week.

Many of the employees at Phelps deal with needle and thread! Our Embroidery room has the big responsiblility of decorating some of our highest quality products, and they do so skill and finesse! Not only does this require mechanical experience to keep our machines running smoothly, but also a creative touch to make sure our embroidery designs turn out just as our customers imagined!

Thank you to the Columbus Community High School and a special shoutout to Phelps’ embroidery, repair, and seamstress teams, who are so vital to our company! If you’d like to see what career paths Phelps may have in store for you, Visit our Phelp Career page!

Students learn about the Phelps Embroidery Room

Students learn about our Repair and seamstress careers


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