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Phelps Smart Clean

Facility Cleaning & Sanitizing Services

Let us take over keeping your workplace clean so you can focus more on your business.

Protect your employees and customers by preventing the spread of diseases, bacteria, and viruses.

Phelps Smart Clean is here to help keep your facility clean and your employees and customers safe. Disinfecting and sanitizing of commonly used areas is more important than ever right now. Prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria by having a Phelps Representative regularly clean and sanitize your facility.

Your customized program.

Every business’ needs are different, so your Smart Clean program will be customized to you. Let a Sales Representative meet with you and assess your needs. With our program you have a full cleaning service where a Phelps Representative will clean your facility weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Restroom Cleaning Services

How Does the Service Work?

1. A Phelps Representative visits your facility weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to clean and disinfect your restrooms.

2. All surfaces are treated with disinfectant and a high-pressure water spray to remove all soil and bacteria.

3. A water rinse is used on all surfaces and the floor is vacuumed dry – removing all soil, moisture, and contaminates.

4. Lastly, all surfaces are blown dry and fixtures are towel dried ensuring your restroom is ready for immediate use.

What is Included?

Toilets/Urinals | Sinks | Tiles Walls | Stalls | Floors | Drains | Blow Down

Disinfectant Fogging Cleaning Services




What is included?

Tables | Chairs | Floors | Vending Machines | Lockers | Door Handles

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