Women’s New Generation® Plus Hidden Cargo Pocket Trouser


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The New Generation® Stretch Hidden Cargo Pocket Trouser is the ultimate in comfort, function, and professional appearance. Male styles feature upgraded slider waistband and diamond gussetted crotch. Concealed side welted cargo pockets offer 4-Pocket appea

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Black, Dark Navy


04R/24, 04R/25, 04R/26, 04R/27, 04R/28, 04R/29, 04R/30, 04R/31, 04R/32, 04R/33, 04R/34, 04R/35, 04R/36U, 06R/24, 06R/25, 06R/26, 06R/27, 06R/28, 06R/29, 06R/30, 06R/31, 06R/32, 06R/33, 06R/34, 06R/35, 06R/36U, 08R/24, 08R/25, 08R/26, 08R/27, 08R/28, 08R/29, 08R/30, 08R/31, 08R/32, 08R/33, 08R/34, 08R/35, 08R/36U, 10R/24, 10R/25, 10R/26, 10R/27, 10R/28, 10R/29, 10R/30, 10R/31, 10R/32, 10R/33, 10R/34, 10R/35, 10R/36U, 12R/24, 12R/25, 12R/26, 12R/27, 12R/28, 12R/29, 12R/30, 12R/31, 12R/32, 12R/33, 12R/34, 12R/35, 12R/36U, 14R/24, 14R/25, 14R/26, 14R/27, 14R/28, 14R/29, 14R/30, 14R/31, 14R/32, 14R/33, 14R/34, 14R/35, 14R/36U, 16R/24, 16R/25, 16R/26, 16R/27, 16R/28, 16R/29, 16R/30, 16R/31, 16R/32, 16R/33, 16R/34, 16R/35, 16R/36U, 18R/24, 18R/25, 18R/26, 18R/27, 18R/28, 18R/29, 18R/30, 18R/31, 18R/32, 18R/33, 18R/34, 18R/35, 18R/36U, 20R/24, 20R/25, 20R/26, 20R/27, 20R/28, 20R/29, 20R/30, 20R/31, 20R/32, 20R/33, 20R/34, 20R/35, 20R/36U, 22R/24, 22R/25, 22R/26, 22R/27, 22R/28, 22R/29, 22R/30, 22R/31, 22R/32, 22R/33, 22R/34, 22R/35, 22R/36U, 24R/24, 24R/25, 24R/26, 24R/27, 24R/28, 24R/29, 24R/30, 24R/31, 24R/32, 24R/33, 24R/34, 24R/35, 24R/36U