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Branding and the Bathroom

5-Tips to Keep Your Branding Standards in the Bathroom

The top 5 ‘down and dirty’ restroom readiness checklist to have your branding and bathroom ready to go:

1. Safety First

 1.   Safety first. Make sure you’re paying attention to all of the manufacture recommendations on how to handle and apply cleaning products. Consequently, the wrong ratio of cleaning product or the wrong product altogether can ruin your bathroom pretty quick. In other words, the wrong product on the wrong surface can hurt someone’s skin! Pro-tip: Check OSHA requirements and mandates around chemical and equipment use as it relates to your staff. Typically, OSHA has some requirements around staff comprehension for how to use chemicals, equipment, and personal protective equipment.

2. Know Your Down Times

Plan around your peak times. Typical peak times vary based on your business but here are some times to think about avoiding for anything larger than a ‘spot-check’: 8:00-930am (Post coffee), 11:00am-12:00pm (Before people head out to lunch – unless of course you serve food then avoid 11:00am-1pm), 1:00-1:30pm (post lunch), and 4:00-5:00pm.

Have everything ready to go for your deep cleans including anything thing you could need for the biggest messes.

Pro-tip: For deep cleans – have everything out of the way and removed off of the floor. Yes, even the toilet scrubbers. If it’s not attached- pull it completely out of the restroom for the cleaning process.

3. Always Knock

Announce you’re there to clean the restroom, then prop open the door when it’s all clear.

Pro-tip: Don’t post-up and wait outside of the restroom. Not many things are more awkward then knocking and waiting 15 minutes only to make eye contact with the person that finally emerges. If someone is in there, find a place out of the way and patiently wait. Put a sign-by the door to deter others to enter, and/or move on to another restroom and come back later.

4. Different Levels of Clean

You’ll want to do deep cleans and sanitization at least once a week and full cleans at least once a day depending on your traffic. But, additionally, you’ll want to plan for more numerous, “spot-cleans”, For a spot-clean, check towels/soap/toilet tissue levels, check for messes, check trashcan levels, quick scrub mirrors and sinks, perform a sniff test, and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. 

Pro-tip: Restrooms near the entrances tend to get the highest volume. Therefore, plan to spot check those a little more frequently. 

5.   Go Above and Beyond.

 If there’s dirt, dust, and grime on non-frequently used surfaces like your air vents then a customer may question how often the facilities are actually cleaned. Take the time to do it right and clean it from top to bottom.

Weekly checklist for supplies:

Paper/ Cloth Towels

Toilet paper

Soap/ Scrub/ Sanitizer

Air freshener

Urinal mats/cakes

Trash liners

Weekly checklist for cleaning:

Dust mops

Wet mops

Wipes/ Towels (Enough to keep from cross-contamination)

Cleaning chemicals/supplies & Dilution system


Phelps Can Help

·       Replenishing all of your restroom items and cleaning supplies on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly basis. Get a Quote!

·        Deep clean & disinfecting. AKA We’ll power wash your restrooms- We call it Smart Clean

·        Addressing areas of your business beyond the bathroom from uniforms, mats, PPE, and much more!

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