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The Room that Makes the Biggest Impact on your Business

It isn’t just about the product you sell. Customers will avoid an establishment based on a negative restroom experience. Keeping your facilities clean and stocked with restroom supplies is important to maintaining the image of your business.

Customers relate the cleanliness of a restroom to the cleanliness of your entire establishment. An unclean restroom may lead to distrust with your customers and develop a negative image of your business. This is especially true in the food service industry. A positive restroom experience plays a major roll in repeat business and returning customers. Customers who trust the cleanliness of your business are more likely to return and stay longer thus spend more money.

Let us take over your restroom supplies so you can focus more on your business.

It’s understandable that keeping restrooms stocked is at the bottom of your list, however, it is our top priority. Phelps offers a complete line of restroom supplies, including paper towels, toilet tissue, soap, sanitizer, and many other items to keep your restroom stocked and clean. Each product will help improve workplace cleanliness and safety. Phelps full line of towels and mops are also designed to provide a clean working environment. Our selection includes a variety of sizes and finishes, each designed to give you the tools you need to handle maintenance, cleaning, and dust control.

Your customized program.

Every businesses needs are different, so your program is customized to you. Let a Sales Representative meet with you and assess what fits your needs. With our program you have a full delivery system were we check, monitor and stock your supplies by a Route Service Representative that will deliver weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

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